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Anti-foaming additives prevent the formation of air bubbles, or weaken the bubbles that form. Anti-foaming may also include coaslescing small air bubbles to form larger bubbles with more buoyancy.

The following products control Anti-Foaming :

Product Short Description
Troykyd® D230 High Performance Grind Antifoam for Aqueous Formulations
Troykyd® D704 General Purpose, High Efficiency Antifoam/Defoamer for Aqueous Formulations
Troykyd® D726 High Efficiency Defoamer and Antifoam for Flat to Gloss Formulations for Aqueous Formulations
Troykyd® D745 Air Release Additive for Aqueous Systems
Troykyd® D768 Air Release Additive for Aqueous Systems
Troykyd® D777 Hydrocarbon Oil-Free Grind Antifoam for Viscous Formulations for Aqueous Formulations
Troysol™ 307 Antifoam/Defoamer for Nonaqueous Formulations with Reactive Chemistries
Troysol™ AFL Antifoam/Defoamer and Leveling Additive for Nonaqueous Formulations
Troysol™ PWA Powder Wetting & Adhesion promoter for cement and gypsum products



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