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Powdermate® additives are used in primers, color coats, and top coats, in both interior and exterior applications and are suited for use in both thermal and Ultra-Violet (UV)/Electron Beam (EB) cured systems. Powdermate high performance products enable the manufacturer to achieve film properties in its powder coatings that cannot be achieved with other materials on the market.


Product registration is continually updated. Please contact your Troy Representative to confirm availability in your country.

Product List  
Powdermate® 460PFL
Enhances flow and leveling in pigment coatings

Powdermate® 486CFL
Enhances flow and leveling of a powder coating

Powdermate® 507PFL
High performance flow and leveling agent

Powdermate® 508TEX
Unique surface-active material

Powdermate® 542DG
Unique polymer-based material

Powdermate® 550DG
High performance, non-yellowing degassing/ debubbling agent

Powdermate® 570FL
Enhances flow and leveling of a powder coating

Powdermate® 575FL
Enhances flow and leveling of a powder coating

  Clear Coat
  General Industrial
  Lawn & Garden
  Color Stability
  Flow & Leveling
  Pigment Wetting
  Texturing/Special Effects

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