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Microbial Control Executive Council

The Microbial Control Information Center is an initiative of the Microbial Control Executive Council (MCEC), a group within Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council. The MCEC is comprised of five of the world’s leading companies developing and supplying microbial control technology and solutions.

Troy Corporation is a proud member of the MCEC, and is an active leader and contributor in the organization, dedicated to its mission and principles. Troy and the MCEC are committed to the betterment of public health through the advancement of sustainable microbial control technologies, as well as the education of industry and the public alike about the numerous safety, health, aesthetic, and economic benefits of responsible microbial control.

Troy is a company built on innovation and technology, particularly in the field of microbial control and materials preservation. Troy invented IPBC, the leading technology worldwide for safe, effective, and economical dry-film preservation. Troy has a long history of success in developing advanced preservatives that protect a world of end-use products from damaging microbial growth. Troy preservatives protect items people use every day, from the paints and coatings in their homes, to cleaning products, personal care and cosmetics items, textiles, and more.

For more information on the initiatives of the MCEC, as well as the many benefits of microbial control technologies, visit www.microbial-control.com.


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