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  IPBC, Polyphase, fungicides, mildewcides, mold, bacteria
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The Wood Protection business unit serves manufacturers producing wood protection additives for all uses, including the antisapstain, millwork, wood composite, engineered wood, and wood protection market segments.


Product registration is continually updated. Please contact your Arxada Representative to confirm availability in your country.

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Hydropearl® 140
Wood Stabilizer

Mergal® 758
Aqueous preservative used to control the growth of bacteria

Mergal® K14
Broad-spectrum wet-state preservative

Polyphase® 604
Full-spectrum aqueous fungicide

Polyphase® 641
Fungicide for enhanced chemical stability in solvent-based formulations

Polyphase® 663
Broad-spectrum dry-film preservative particularly useful where VOCs are a concern

Polyphase® 963
Broad-spectrum dry-film preservative

Polyphase® 978
Broad-spectrum fungistat

Polyphase® AF1
Broad-spectrum non-metallic fungicide solution

Polyphase® AF3
Broad-spectrum non-metallic fungicide solution for waterborne and solvent-based applications

Polyphase® EC17
Emulsifiable full-spectrum fungicide

Polyphase® EC18
Broad-spectrum fungicide

Polyphase® P100
Broad-spectrum, non-metallic fungicide

Polyphase® PW40
VOC-free fungicide for aqueous systems

ProTek® BAC

ProTek® DDC

ProTek® DOT

ProTek® PBT

ProTek® PTI
Fungicide for pressure treated wood

ProTek® TWN
Dissolved copper solution for pressure treating

ProTek® TWN

ProTek® TWO
Dissolved copper donor for pressure treating

ProTek® V45O
Industrial preservative

ProTek® WP14
Microbiocide for use in wood and wood products

ProTek® WP45
Industrial preservative for wood protection

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  Pressure Treated Wood
  Stain Sticks
  Wood Composites
  Wood Protection
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  Control of Bacteria
  Control of Fungi
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