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IPBC, Polyphase, fungicides, mildewcides, mold, bacteria
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Arxada manufactures a complete line of performance preservatives for industry, including both dry-film and wet-state (in-package) preservatives.


Product registration is continually updated. Please contact your Arxada Representative to confirm availability in your country.

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Fungitrol® 11
Powdered, non-metallic organic microbiocide

Fungitrol® 11E
Powdered, non-metallic organic microbiocide

Fungitrol® 404
Broad-spectrum microbicide for the control of mildew and fungi

Fungitrol® 404DS
Fungicide for mildew control

Fungitrol® 720
Broad-spectrum dry-film preservative

Fungitrol® 940
Advanced, water-based dispersion fungicide

Mergal® 174II
Preservative designed for use in aqueous products

Mergal® 174IIP
Microbiocide designed for use in aqueous products

Mergal® 192
Liquid, water-soluble organic preservative

Mergal® 395
Preservative for water-based systems

Mergal® 399
Zero VOC wet-state preservative for the control of bacteria and fungi

Mergal® 758
Aqueous preservative used to control the growth of bacteria

Mergal® BIT20
Broad-spectrum liquid preservative

Mergal® BIT20X
Formaldehyde-free, broad-spectrum wet-state preservative for aqueous systems

Mergal® CM1.5
Microbiocide with efficacy against bacteria, yeast, and mold

Mergal® GLT25
Industrial microbiocide for use in aqueous or water-containing products and systems

Mergal® GLT50
Industrial microbiocide for use in aqueous or water-containing products and systems

Mergal® K10N
Industrial preservative used to prevent deterioration and degradation caused by bacteria and fungi in aqueous systems

Mergal® K12N
Broad-spectrum, fast-acting microbiocide

Mergal® K14
Broad-spectrum wet-state preservative

Mergal® MC14
Microbiocide for use in aqueous systems

Mergal® V45O

Mergal® WP45
Highly concentrated broad-spectrum liquid preservative

Nuosept® 95
Preservative used to protect water-based products

Nuosept® BM11
Formaldehyde-free, VOC-, and AOX-free wet-state preservative

Polyphase® 604
Full-spectrum aqueous fungicide

Polyphase® 641
Fungicide for enhanced chemical stability in solvent-based formulations

Polyphase® 663
Broad-spectrum dry-film preservative particularly useful where VOCs are a concern

Polyphase® 678
Full-spectrum dry-film preservative

Polyphase® 763CR
Broad-spectrum dry-film preservative particularly useful where VOCs are a concern

Polyphase® 863CR

Polyphase® 963
Broad-spectrum dry-film preservative

Polyphase® 978
Broad-spectrum fungistat

Polyphase® AF1
Broad-spectrum non-metallic fungicide solution

Polyphase® AF3
Broad-spectrum non-metallic fungicide solution for waterborne and solvent-based applications

Polyphase® EC17
Emulsifiable full-spectrum fungicide

Polyphase® P100
Broad-spectrum, non-metallic fungicide

Polyphase® P20T
Broad-spectrum non-metallic fungicide solution especially for waterborne latex paints and coatings

Polyphase® PW20CR
Free of formaldehyde preservative designed to significantly reduce the leaching of IPBC

Polyphase® PW40
VOC-free fungicide for aqueous systems

Polyphase® PW40LV
VOC-free funigicide for aqueous systems

Polyphase® S99
Cost-effective, borad-spectrum dry-film preservative

Polyphase® SA27
Zero VOC fungicide for interior & exterior, aqueous & solvent coatings

Troysan® 1050
Water-based industrial bactericide

Troysan® PZ50
Non-metallic fungicide end-use concentrate

Troysan® V450
Broad-spectrum, dry-film preservative for various applications

Troysan® ZPT38
Dry-film preservative for control of algae, bacteria, & fungi in interior & exterior coatings

Troyshield® FSP40
Broad-spectrum preservative used to control fungal growth

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