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Engineered Wood Composites:   The term Engineered Wood Composites is used to signify composites that are cellulose based and are used mostly as building materials. Examples are OSB (oriented strand board) MDF (medium density fiberboard), LVL (laminated veneer lumber), plywood, chipboard, and particle board.

Mildew:   This term is often used by the wood and paint industry. Strictly taken, however, it is the wrong term to use for fungal growth on non-living substrates. Mildew is a wide spread parasitic fungus growing on leaves of all kind of plants, and is well known from grain crops and rose gardens where it can cause a lot of damage. The term was probably introduced because mold growth on wood in appearance has similarities to mildew growth on leaves.

Mold:   The term is used very broadly and covers fungi growing on surfaces of wood or wood treated with poorly protected paint or stain. Systematically they belong to the order of Mucorales (where Mucor and Mortirella are two big genera containing hundreds of species) and the subdivision of Ascomycetes (where genera such as Aspergillus, Penicillium, Cladosporium and Alternaria each contain dozens to hundreds of species).

Millwork:   The production of windows, doors, molding, sashes, by a lumber mill.

Wood destroying fungi:   This group belongs systematically to the subdivision of Basidiomycetes (where many edible fungi such as Oyster Hat and the common Field Mushroom also belong). The group is often split up into two sub groups: the Brown Rot Fungi that are able to metabolize cellulose and hemi cellulose but not lignin and the White Rot Fungi that together with cellulose and hemi cellulose also are able to metabolize lignin.

Wood Polymer Composites:   Wood Polymer Composites are based on the combination of thermoplastics and phenolics and epoxies with wood.

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