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Color Uniformity:
Color uniformity is the maintenance of the correct color (prevention of flocculation or flooding) and a uniform color (prevention of a pattern formation as is observed for floating for Benard Cell formation). Color uniformity problems can often be solved with dispersing additives. The solution may be to optimize the use concentration of a dispersing additive (that was used at an incorrect concentration) or the use of a different dispersing

Dispersing Additives for Color Uniformity:

Product Short Description
Troysperse™ 90W Universal Dispersing Additive
Troysperse™ 98C High-Performance Dispersing Additive for Nonaqueous Formulations
Troysperse™ CD1 General Purpose Dispersing Additive for Nonaqueous Formulations
Troysperse™ SD8 Pigment Dispersant for titanium dioxide, inorganic, and extender pigments in non-aqueous systems
Troysperse™ W Dispersing Additive for Water Reducible and Aqueous Formulations

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