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Troy Makes Biocide Agreement with Janssen

Friday, May 10, 2002 - The Plant and Material Protection Division of Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V., headquartered in Belgium, and Troy Corporation, headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, have concluded a cooperative agreement in the field of biocides for wood protection. The agreement ensures that both companies maximize their ability to offer a comprehensive portfolio of complimentary active ingredients and preparations to the Wood Protection, Coatings and Metalworking Fluids industries.

The strategic alliance formalizes a successful ongoing cooperation between the two companies built on the strengths of their efficacious molecules, IPBC and Propiconazole. Both corporations share the same values and standards with respect to responsible care, environmental concern, regulatory support, and they wish to provide enhanced value to their customers and create value for future client needs derived from their respective expertise and continued investment in product development.

Troy has developed market-leading expertise in IPBC, which it invented and supplies worldwide to industries including wood preservation, metalworking fluids, construction products, coatings and textiles. The Plant and Material Protection Division of Janssen Pharmaceutica has an extensive pool of active substances comprising both fungicides and insecticides, which they successfully developed for wood preservation, metalworking fluids and other fields of applications. Both companies are technology-based, engaging applied research and services and as mentioned above, their cooperation is built around Polyphase and Wocosen product lines and their combined benefits.

Under the agreement, Janssen and Troy offer each other’s active substance, formulated to specific uses and performance. They are supporting each other in the area of regulatory affairs, toxicology, development and marketing. Their cooperation is intended to maximize the potential of each company’s expertise, strength and core competencies.

They will each market their own formulations, providing the industry with options to advance their business on the basis of technology, performance and cost benefit.


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