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Troy’s Multifunctional Wetting Additive for Low VOC Systems
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Friday, October 01, 2010 - FLORHAM PARK, NJ - In direct response to manufacturers’ efforts to comply with VOC regulations, Troy has introduced Troysol™ ZLAC, a substrate wetting and flow additive that contributes zero VOCs to aqueous systems. The product is the latest addition to Troy’s Z-line of “green” performance additives engineered to help manufacturers achieve regulatory compliance and still maintain optimum performance. Troysol ZLAC provides the same benefits and attributes long associated with Troysol LAC, but without the VOCs.

Troysol ZLAC allows formulators to Take VOCs to a New Low
without sacrificing performance

Silicone-free, APE-free Troysol ZLAC is the latest in a class of multifunctional additives developed by Troy. Multifunctional additives are single additives that do the job of several. This is particularly valuable when overall system VOC level is a concern: the fewer the additives, the fewer the possible sources of VOCs. Troysol ZLAC promotes wetting of low energy substrates, and provides higher gloss, improved flow and leveling, and excellent color acceptance. Furthermore, Troysol ZLAC is easy to handle and easy to use, thanks to a new process developed by Troy.

How Troysol ZLAC Works in Low VOC Systems

Many of the VOCs present in standard waterborne coatings help to reduce surface tensions within coatings. As VOC levels drop, deficiencies and defects have the tendency to increase. According to Peter Sheridan, Business Director, Performance Additives for Troy, “Manufacturers struggling to meet the stringent new VOC regulations can benefit from the performance contributed by Troysol ZLAC. The product substantially reduces surface tension, providing coatings with strong surface wetting properties and enabling uniform coverage over low energy and contaminated substrates.”

Troy has answered the needs of paint and coatings manufacturers with Troysol ZLAC, and looks forward to enabling inks, adhesives, and building materials manufacturers to achieve similar success with the unique multifunctional additive.

For more information on Troysol ZLAC or the full range of Troy specialty additives, contact your Troy representative or visit www.troycorp.com and click on Performance Additives.
Founded in 1950, Troy Corporation is a manufacturer of performance materials including industrial preservatives and additives. The corporation headquarters is in Florham Park, NJ, with principal subsidiaries located in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

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