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Troy Corporation Announces Price Increase

Tuesday, March 29, 2005 - Troy Corporation announces a price increase on certain of its Polyphase® based fungicides. The price increase reflects the continued escalation of iodine prices, key solvents, energy, logistics, and packaging. Effective April 15, 2005 and as allowed by contract, the price for Polyphase will be increased by the amounts shown:

  Americas & Asia Pacific Europe
Polyphase P20T$0.50/lb€0.85/kg
Polyphase AF1$0.70/lb€1.19/kg
Polyphase AF3$0.70/lb€1.19/kg
Polyphase P100$1.45/lb€2.46/kg

The company will also be increasing the prices for other Polyphase products.

Worldwide iodine demand is growing significantly in new applications, such as flat screen video technology, and in medical applications, such as x-ray contrast media. The high utilization of existing iodine capacity (as high as 98%) has created a situation in which supplies are tight. In addition, the costs of other raw materials, energy, labor, packaging, transportation, regulatory compliance, and solvents continue to escalate with no relief anticipated. This price increase is needed to support continued product investment, quality improvements, and technical and regulatory compliance, including Troy's commitment to Responsible Care®.

About Troy Corporation

Troy Corporation makes every effort to provide a long-term commitment to the market through on-going investment aimed at reducing costs and increasing service. The company continually works to provide customers with added value through innovative products and solutions. Although this price adjustment covers only a portion of the increases the company has already absorbed (additional increases are anticipated), it will help the company provide the support and innovation its customers expect - particularly in the biocides business, which is already plagued by escalating regulatory costs. To bring value to its clients, Troy has introduced new Zero VOC, broad-spectrum dry film preservation technology in products such as Polyphase 678 and 663.

Founded in 1950, Troy Corporation is a manufacturer of performance materials including industrial preservatives and additives. The corporation headquarters is in Florham Park, NJ, with principal subsidiaries located in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


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