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Micropel increases prices

Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - Florham Park, NJ -- Effective December 1, 2004 or as contracts allow, prices for Micropel® anti-microbial products will increase 3 - 5%. This price adjustment is needed because of increases in the costs of plasticizers and resin as well as energy and transportation, over the past year.

Micropel 2 and 5 liquid OBPA formulations will increase $0.10/lb. Micropel 5 PVC pelletized formulations will increase $0.15/lb.

In the U. S., as well as the other countries previously mentioned, before a material can be sold as an antimicrobial it must be registered with the EPA. The Registration Number must be posted on the product label. It is a federal offense to use an antimicrobial in an unapproved manner. Your antimicrobial supplier can guide you in these applications.

Micropel Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Troy Corporation, is a manufacturer of antimicrobials for the flexible PVC, polyurethane and polyolefin industries. Micropel is committed to providing innovative, value-added solutions to the plastics antimicrobial market.

Please visit www.micropel.com or contact your Micropel representative for more information on the latest product solutions for the plastics industry.


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