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Troy Increase Prices for Additives & Bactericides, Citing Rise in Raw Material Costs

Monday, June 07, 2004 - Effective July 5, 2004, Troy Corporation will increase prices for certain bactericides, defoamers, specialty additives, and products packaged in steel drums. Higher costs for key raw materials, energy, and transportation are the reasons for the new pricing.

Increases for the affected products are:

Troysan 174 $0.15/lb.
Troysan 186 II $0.04/lb.
Troysan 192 II $0.05/lb.
Troysan 364 $0.15/lb

Additives & Defoamers:
All Products 3%

Packaging: Large steel drums $0.03/lb.
Small steel drums $0.13/lb.

“Troy Corporation makes every effort to offset rising costs through improved operations,” says David Faherty, Vice President, Marketing. “However, suppliers of key raw materials, energy, packaging, and transportation have increased prices significantly. Troy is no longer able to absorb these increased costs.” He cites the rising costs of petrochemical and natural gas derivatives and, in particular, the tight supply of MEA as major reasons for the company’s decision to increase prices.


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