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MERGAL® K10N Receives Canada Regulatory Approval

Friday, October 10, 2003 - Troy Corporation announced today that the company has received Canadian approval for a new VOC-free, surfactant-free preservative. The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) in Canada has determined that MERGAL K10N is eligible for full registration as an industrial biocide used in the manufacturing, formulating, and repackaging of industrial products. Typical applications include use in: polymer emulsions and dispersions, coatings, caulks, sealants, adhesives, mineral and pigment slurries, oil-water emulsions, spin finish solutions for textiles, inks, metalworking fluids, thickeners, joint cements, paints and plasters, food-contact paper and paperboard coatings.

Mergal K10N is a 100% water-soluble BIT preservative that provides performance advantages and is safer for formulators to use than a number of conventional products. Conventional BIT preservatives are sold in glycol solutions or emulsified with surfactants, MERGAL K10N is free of these ancillary ingredients which can affect coating properties such as color development and cause instability of emulsion systems. For example, MERGAL K10N may be added directly into the application without pre-dilution. Being fully water-soluble, gelling and seeding problems observed with some conventional products are avoided. Additionally, the inherent water solubility of Mergal K10N helps deliver more preservative directly into the water phase, where contaminating organisms are found thus improving its effectiveness

For more information on MERGAL K10N and the full range of performance biocides and additives from Troy available in Canada, e-mail marketing@troycorp.com or visit us at www.troycorp.com
Founded in 1950, Troy Corporation is a manufacturer and provider of technical solutions and services for customers using performance materials, including industrial preservatives and additives. The corporation headquarters is in Florham Park, NJ, with principal subsidiaries located in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


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