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Product Name Change Troysan to Mergal

Friday, December 3, 2004 - Troy is pleased to inform you that the our in-can/in-package bactericides currently sold under the Troysan trade name are being consolidated under the Mergal trade name. Although Troysan has become established for a wide range of specialty bactericides, the recent addition of the Mergal bactericides has enhanced our product line of in-can/in-package offerings. The result has been the establishing of two strong brands, which, however, overlap in the same segment. Therefore, Troy is now providing the market with a simpler method to identify in-can/in-package bactericides, and is completing this change by January 1, 2005.

Please update your records as follows:

Troysan 142
Troysan 174
Troysan 174P
Troysan 186II
Troysan 192II
Troysan 364
Troysan 586
Troysan 586II
Troysan 785
Mergal 142
Mergal 174
Mergal 174P
Mergal 186
Mergal 192
Mergal 364
Mergal 586
Mergal 586II
Mergal 165

During the transition period, some Troysan labeled product may be delivered while the current Troysan stock is being depleted. Nevertheless, Mergal labeled product will soon replace these. Please be assured that the only change is the trade name. Product chemistries remain identical to the bactericides you currently use. New technical data sheets and MSDS's will follow as we receive state registrations.

The Troysan trade name will in future be applied to selected dry film preservatives news of which will be announced later.

If you have any questions in this matter, please contact us at 973-443-4200 ext 2251 (Marie Marabuto) or ext 2257 (Gary Horacek), or by fax at 973-443-0843. You may also e-mail marabutm@troycorp.com or horacekg@troycorp.com.


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