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B-F Indicators

Microbial Contamination Detection

B-F Indicators are practical tools for use in determining the presence of destructive microorganisms in water diluted metalworking fluids and other aqueous-based systems. A convenient, economical means of detection, B-F Indicators require no technical training or special skills for effective use. Each B-F Indicator consists of a dip slide with each side of the paddle coated with a different media; one for bacteria and one for fungi. Each slide is in its own incubation tube. Simply dip the slide in the metalworking fluid or test solution, return the slide to its incubation tube and seal the cap. Store the incubation tube in a dark, warm place, and 48 hours later compare concentration of any microbial growths on the slide to the density chart that is provided. Its that easy to know if your system needs treatment.

 B-F Indicators Product Brochure


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