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A clear resin derived from polymerized esters of various acrylic monomers. Generally 3 types.
  • Acid Functional- acrylic resin that has carboxylic acid functional groups for curing.
  • Hydroxyl Functional- acrylic resin that has hydroxyl functional groups for curing.
  • Glycidyl methacrylate (GMA)- acrylic resin that has an epoxy group for curing.

  • The following Powdermate Products are compatible with Acrylic

    Powdermate® 542DG High Performance Degassing Agent
    Powdermate® 550DG Versatile Degassing Agent
    Powdermate® 570FL Flow, Leveling, & Intercoat Adhesion
    Powdermate® 575FL Flow & Leveling for Clear and Pigmented Coatings
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