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  Persistence (Defoamer Persistence):
The ability of a defoamer to maintain efficacy over prolonged periods of storage. Selection of the proper Troy antifoam and defoaming additives results in systems with excellent persistence.

The following products control Persistence (Defoamer Persistence) :

Product Function Short Description
Troykyd® D01 Defoaming General-Purpose Defoamer for Flat to Semi-Gloss Applications for Aqueous Formulations
Troykyd® D230 Anti-Foaming, Defoaming High Performance Grind Antifoam for Aqueous Formulations
Troykyd® D704 Defoaming, Anti-Foaming General Purpose, High Efficiency Antifoam/Defoamer for Aqueous Formulations
Troykyd® D726 Defoaming, Anti-Foaming High Efficiency Defoamer and Antifoam for Flat to Gloss Formulations for Aqueous Formulations
Troykyd® D726 Defoaming High Efficiency Defoamer for Flat to Gloss Systems
Troykyd® D745 Anti-Foaming, Defoaming Air Release Additive for Aqueous Systems
Troykyd® D768 Anti-Foaming, Defoaming Air Release Additive for Aqueous Systems
Troykyd® D777 Anti-Foaming, Defoaming Hydrocarbon Oil-Free Grind Antifoam for Viscous Formulations for Aqueous Formulations
Troysol™ 307 Defoaming, Anti-Foaming Antifoam/Defoamer for Nonaqueous Formulations with Reactive Chemistries
Troysol™ AFL Defoaming, Anti-Foaming Antifoam/Defoamer and Leveling Additive for Nonaqueous Formulations



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