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A liquid (e.g. paint, lacquer, enamel) that provides protection and decoration to an exposed substrate (e.g. wood, concrete, paper, plastic, etc.) A coating must completely wet the substrate, with good adhesion to provide the expected protective properties. The surface of the coating must flow for sufficient leveling for the expected decorative properties.

The following products may be used in Coatings:
Product Short Description
Troysol™ PWA Powder Wetting & Adhesion promoter for cement and gypsum products
Troysol™ S366 Wetting Additive for Nonaqueous Systems
Troysol™ Z370 Universal wetting and mar & slip additive for solvent, water-reducible and aqueous systems.
Troysol™ ZLAC A liquid anionic surfactant for low and no VOC aqueous systems
Troysperse™ 90W Universal Dispersing Additive
Troysperse™ 98C High-Performance Dispersing Additive for Nonaqueous Formulations
Troysperse™ CD1 General Purpose Dispersing Additive for Nonaqueous Formulations
Troysperse™ SD8
Troysperse™ W Dispersing Additive for Water Reducible and Aqueous Formulations
Troysperse™ ZWD1
Troythix® 150ACS High Thixotropy in Nonaqueous Formulations
Troythix® 21BA Thixotropy in Nonaqueous Highly Pigmented Oxidizing Formulations
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