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Polyphase® 678, a Low VOC Fungicide, Receives EPA Approval

Tuesday, June 11, 2002 - Troy Corporation announced today that the company has received approvals from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a novel, low-VOC, multiple-active dry-film fungicide. The product is an advance in preservative technology that simultaneously provides performance characteristics and safe handling advantages versus conventional fungicides.

Polyphase® 678 is designed to extend the life of coatings by controlling the species of mold and mildew that undermine and mar coatings. The product is an aqueous dispersion engineered to provide an advanced system of fungicidal protection without cost penalty versus conventional dry-film preservatives. Containing a low 27g / L VOC’s, the product is well-suited for markets in which VOC’s are a concern, but is equally applicable for conventional coatings formulations. The product offers several advantages. Polyphase 678 has greater compatibility and stability than conventional fungicides – and provides complete color stability. Furthermore, the product is designed to provide cost savings versus conventional fungicides. Polyphase 678 was designed with safety in mind and has an advantageous safety profile that can contribute to improved workplace conditions.

The product is intended for a wide range of applications including paints, stains, sealants, EIFS, adhesives, and incorporation into architectural/construction materials. Polyphase 678 is effective in almost all waterborne coatings and in many solventborne formulations (solvent systems containing active solvents).

The product is the most recent addition to Troy’s Low / No VOC portfolio of products that include bactericides such as MERGAL K10N (the company’s newest BIT technology that is VOC & surfactant-free), defoamers, wetting agents, and broad-spectrum dry film preservatives.

Founded in 1950, Troy Corporation is a manufacturer of performance materials including industrial preservatives and additives. The corporation headquarters is in Florham Park, NJ, with principal subsidiaries located in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


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