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Sunday, June 01, 2008 - Troy Corporation announces today the introduction of an innovative highly concentrated, water-based BIT dispersion product. Mergal® 753 provide users a BIT dispersion with less water content, no solvents, no VOC, and no formaldehyde. Mergal® 753 is easy to handle pH neutral, highly concentrated, ecologically responsible, free flowing BIT dispersion product.

Mergal® 753 provides zero VOC, low-odor, broad-spectrum protection against microbial degradation in aqueous systems. Mergal® 753 is the latest addition to Troy’s "green" line of biocides, fungicides and algaecides, developed by the company to provide zero VOC antimicrobial protection using well accepted, and world-wide supported active ingredients which are specially formulated to reduce hazardous components in manufacturing, storage, shipment, use, and disposal.

"With Mergal® 753, we have made 2 fundamental improvements that will benefit our customers: first, we have created a high concentration, water based product with a BIT concent ation of 45%. Mergal 753 contains almost 5 times as much BIT as the nearest competitor water-based BIT products. The results is a new product that takes less energy to transport, less packaging, and less space required for storage. Additionally, we have made an easy to handle BIT product. BIT products, whether water or solvent based, have typically been corrosive. Mergal® 753 eliminates the handling problems associated with such products, stated Don Shaw, Troy Vice President, Development. "By creating a product with a pH level close to neutral (6 to 8), we have created a product with no issue with skin corrosiveness.".

Mergal® 753 is part of Troy’s complete line of BIT containing preservatives which are designed to meet the demanding and changing needs of the market place. This product line includes Mergal® K10N, Mergal® 680, Mergal® BIT20, and now Mergal® 753. Troy invites you to visit www.troycorp.com for complete details on this line of products. Troy Corporation is a leading global biocide upplier for a wide variety of allied markets

Troy Corporation is pleased to continue to be able to offer high performance products that comply with the most rigorous health and safety standards worldwide. Troy manufactures and markets environmentally sound performance products for a wide range of markets, including wood preservatives, metalworking fluids, building materials, and general coatings. The company has a complete line of preservatives and coatings additives designed to improve the performance of customer products.

Founded in 1950, Troy Corporation specializes in biocides and additive products. The corporation's headquarters is located in Florham Park, NJ, with principal subsidiaries located in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Troy has a network of agents and distributors that specialize in the needs of the industries that Troy serves.

For More Information Please Contact: Marie Williams
Troy Corporation, 8 Vreeland Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932
973.443.4200 Ext 2251 e-mail: willamm@troycorp.com


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