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Economic loss and production downtime represent only some of the problems that can be caused by industrial microbial contamination. Using B-F Indicators test kits can help avoid serious problems. What you don't see can hurt both your products and your business!

B-F Indicators are practical tools for determining the presence of a variety of destructive microorganisms common to manufacturing environments. Left unchecked, these microorganisms can negatively affect the properties, performance, and overall quality of finished products and shorten expected shelf-life. B-F Indicators provide distinct warning signs of the presence and type of destructive microorganisms and provide a simple means for estimating microbe population density.

The B-F Indicator Testing System
By comparing the warning signs visible on the B-F Indicator to illustrations on the Microbial Comparison Chart supplied with each Kit, plant personnel can instantly gauge the type and relative level of microbial contamination. The level of microbial contamination is vital information for plant managers to determine the need for corrective action and the method. B-F Indicators are sterile, single-use, nutrient agar test kits designed to monitor viable bacteria, fungi, and yeasts in water-containing products.

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